Sussex Police: Horse drugs stolen from vet's car

Drugs that could be fatal to humans have been stolen from a vet's car in West Sussex.

Sussex Police said two bottles - one containing horse sedative, the other horse tranquiliser - were taken from the vehicle in Crawley.

Sgt Gavin Tyley said the sedative was marked Nargesic and the tranquiliser was marked Medesean.

He said anyone who found the bottles should hand them in to police or another responsible public body.

Sgt Tyley said the drugs were taken on Friday but the theft was not noticed until the car had been driven to several other locations including the Bridgeham Osteopathy clinic in Ifeld, the horse livery yard at Carbbet Park, and Ifield Parade.

It is thought the vehicle was targeted for electrical items.

Officers said an iPod and a sat-nav device were also taken along with personal correspondence and other documents.

Anyone who is offered the property for sale is urged to contact the force.

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