Brighton woman 'died after gastric bypass'

A woman died after losing 10 stone (64kg) in six months following gastric bypass surgery, an inquest has heard.

Virginia Humphrey, 67, was "unable to absorb nutrients" following the surgery on 31 August last year, Brighton County Court was told. She died at the Royal Sussex County Hospital on 9 May.

The former nurse, of Brighton, was admitted on 7 May "with vomiting and extreme weight loss".

The inquest heard surgeons may have got their measurements wrong.

But James Hewes, a trainee surgeon who carried out the operation alongside consultant bariatric surgeon Marco Adamo, said it was done "to standard procedure" with "nothing unusual" taking place.


He added that if the operation had gone wrong he would have expected Mrs Humphrey - who had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma - to have shown symptoms such as diarrhoea within weeks.

But coroner Victoria Hamilton-Deeley said: "It seems from all the evidence we've heard at the minute that something in the operation has gone wrong and this has resulted in malabsorbtion taking place and as a result Mrs Humphrey has died.

"It seems surgery in August had effectively gone awry in a way that resulted in her being unable to absorb nutrition appropriately or correctly."

The inquest continues.

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