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Parrots stolen from Raystede animal centre in Ringmer

image captionThe macaw cannot fully extend his left wing, cannot fly and would have been an easy target

Thieves have broken into the aviaries at an animal welfare centre in East Sussex and stolen three parrots.

It is thought the macaw, the Timineh grey, and the Africa grey were taken overnight on Tuesday from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer.

Chairwoman of the charity that runs the centre, Janet Wickens, said: "We can only presume these birds have been stolen for onward sale."

She said the birds were simply not good pets and needed to be returned.

Ms Wickens said the blue and gold macaw could not fully extend his left wing, could not fly, and would have been an easy target.

The Timineh grey, which always roosts with the macaw, only has one eye.

'Liable to bite'

The thieves also took an African grey, which is nervous of people.

All of them can be aggressive and are liable to bite, Ms Wickens added.

She said all three were used to living within a colony and were not used to being on their own.

The centre had taken them in to give them a good retirement, she added.

She said all three had passed the breeding age, had behavioural and psychological problems, and needed special diets.

She urged pet shops and the public to be alert and contact Sussex Police with any information.