Bexhill High School in Sussex opens its doors

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The old Bexhill High School in Down Road closed last month

A principal has promised an innovative new approach to teaching as new school buildings open in East Sussex.

Students will cut ribbons later to mark the opening of the £40m Bexhill High School in Gunters Lane in Bexhill.

The school has promised "massive change" including classes of up to 90 pupils taught by a team of teachers.

The school day will run from 0830 to 1700 GMT, lessons will last three hours, and breaks will be decided by teachers and pupils.

Mike Conn, the school's principal, said: "We accept that there is going to be a period of re-adjustment, a period of change, but the focus will be on the child's learning.

'Amazing feeling'

"There has been some controversy around some of the issues, in particular the length of the school day, but we are now at a stage where everything is becoming reality."

Pupils have had an extended half term while staff transferred from the former site in Down Road.

Most of the funding for the work was covered by a government grant, with East Sussex County Council investing about £4m into the project.

The school includes a theatre, cinema, gym and astroturf football facilities.

Mr Conn said: "It's an amazing feeling, so much hard work by so many people to bring a new school to Bexhill for our young people.

"There are very few state schools - if any - across the country which can offer the facilities we will be opening up for them."

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