Bubble tube stolen from disabled boy in Littlehampton


A 6ft bubble tube has been stolen from a sensory room set up in the West Sussex home of a severely disabled boy.

The £2,000 piece of equipment was stolen along with a pink laptop, pick axe and spade in a burglary at his home in Dorset Close, Littlehampton.

The therapy tube, which was full of water and has a heavy base, was used on a daily basis by the eight-year-old.

Anyone who saw anything suspicious between 26 October and 1 November is asked to contact Sussex Police.

Family devastated

Nikki Heading said she and her son, Khyal, had been transferring their things to a new house when the burglars raided their existing property in Dorset Close.

She said the theft of his bubble tube had left the family devastated.

"The burglars could see that it was a disabled house because it had a stair lift in it for Khyal; it had hoists in it.

"There was loads of disabled equipment there and they completely trashed the lot.

"I'm absolutely sickened," she said.

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