Twenty thousand bad drivers reported to Sussex Police

Nearly 20,500 people have been reported to police for bad driving in Sussex since the introduction of a scheme three years ago.

Operation Crackdown aims to target drink-drivers and those who put others at risk by driving erratically.

Motorists are urged to note the vehicle details of persistent bad drivers and put them on to a police website.

Once someone has been reported twice, officers use the information to investigate further.

Reckless driving

Since the start of Operation Crackdown in August 2007, 20,488 reports have been made online, with about 95% of drivers subsequently identified by police.

Of these drivers, 155 have received warnings, while 85 vehicles have been seized under Section 59 of of the Police Reform Act as a result of anti-social driving.

Sussex Police said a further 2,695 drivers have received letters of advice following reports of their driving, and 1,047 drivers have had sanctions imposed on them, including 28 for driving whilst under the influence.

Motorists can use the website to report people who speed, tailgate, use mobile phones at the wheel, or just drive dangerously or recklessly.

Sussex residents can also register details of abandoned vehicles in their area.

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