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Rare dormouse boost for Sussex reservoir

image captionThe dormice were found in nesting boxes at Arlington Reservoir near Berwick
Dormice have started breeding at a man-made reservoir in Sussex.
Ecologists said the sightings of the rare creatures shows a project to encourage biodiversity at Arlington Reservoir, near Berwick, is working,
The mammals were found in woodland nesting boxes put up at the beauty spot by South East Water's environment team.
The People's Trust for Endangered Species said dormice used to be widespread in the UK but they were now vulnerable to extinction.
Emma Goddard, South East Water's environment manager, said: "Finding the offspring of breeding dormice is really exciting.
"It is an indicator that the years of careful and sensitive woodland management and conservation work is working and what a reward to reap."
Alrington Reservoir was constructed in 1971 and has been designated a site of special scientific interest and a local nature reserve.

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