Air monitored at Redhill rubbish stench site

Redhill landfill site
Image caption The smell from the landfill site in Cormongers Lane is described as like rotten eggs or sewage

Air is to be monitored for pollution above a rubbish tip in Surrey 24 hours a day because of a sewage-like stench coming from the site for three months.

Since January, there have been over 500 complaints about the smell from the tip in Cormongers Lane, Redhill.

Operator Biffa has blamed heavy rainfall, with surface water causing hydrogen sulphide gas emissions.

A series of targets was put in place but now the Environment Agency is installing a monitoring station.

'Daily basis'

It will take samples every five minutes, 24 hours a day for three months and check for levels of around a dozen gasses including nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

The agency said an interim health risk assessment of the air quality which had been issued by Public Health England (PHE) found the levels of the gas were not high enough to be of concern to public health.

In February, Biffa said it was working with the agency on an action plan.

Chris Hazelton, from the Environment Agency, said: "Biffa are making good progress in line with the enforcement notice we issued earlier this year.

'Fewer incidents'

"The infrastructure and gas management work they have carried out has led to a significant reduction in the number of odour complaints we have received."

In a statement, Biffa said: "Our off-site hydrogen sulphide monitoring continues on a daily basis with the results shared with the Environment Agency. The results are highlighting fewer incidents of elevated hydrogen sulphide."

Campaigner Katie Pruszynsky, said: "It is certainly a positive step in terms of the future and hopefully it will become a permanent feature so they can monitor the smell, particularly through the summer months."

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