Replica guns and grenades stolen from Epsom WWII bunker

A number of replica AK47s and grenades have been stolen from a World War Two bunker in Surrey.

The raid was carried out between Sunday and Tuesday at Elite Action Games, whose gaming area is based in the bunker in Epsom.

Items stolen included 10 Airsoft replicas of the Russian assault rifle, 50 Thunderflash "distraction grenades", and a portable generator.

Surrey Police said they could cause "panic and alarm" to the untrained eye.

PC Gemma Taylor, the investigating officer, said: "Although the stolen weapons are replicas, to the untrained eye these items could cause panic and alarm therefore we need to locate them as soon as possible to avoid this."

She said the guns could not injure anyone and the grenades would only generate a loud bang when used.

She said it was unclear why the goods were taken.

"There is always the possibility this was done to commit further crime and I would urge anyone who feels threatened not to take any risks and call police immediately," she said.

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