Ex-biker Sean Emmett stranded in Dubai after wife's death

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image captionMr Emmett, who won 19 British Superbike races, has had to borrow from friends in Dubai

A friend of former world superbike racer Sean Emmett, whose wife died in a fall from a Dubai hotel balcony during their honeymoon, fears for his health.

Mr Emmett, 43, has been unable to return home to Addlestone, Surrey, since his wife Abbie's death because his passport has not yet been returned.

His friend, Clare Ford, from Richmond, south London, says he is a broken man and fears he is having a breakdown.

Her death was recorded as suicide but her body has not yet been released.

Mrs Emmett, 27, fell to her death from a balcony at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, where the couple were on honeymoon, on 19 February.

On 'tenterhooks'

Ms Ford said police told Mr Emmett they were satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances, and it was formally recorded that his wife had taken her own life.

But she said the 19-times British Superbike winner was under the impression that the case was still being investigated.

And she told the BBC: "He's on tenterhooks. Are they going to change it to something else?

"Sean has nothing to hide. It was a tragic accident. The coroner told him everything matched up."

Ms Ford said Mr Emmett had spent more than £20,000 on hotel bills and other expenses since his wife's death, only part of which was covered by travel insurance, and is now relying on help from friends in Dubai.

'Broken' man

The Foreign Office says it is continuing to provide Mr Emmett with support, but his friend says she feels British consular officials could - and should - have done more.

Ms Ford said: "Sean is actually really grateful for every piece of help.

"But I think somebody should have been with him to say, 'If you need me, this is what we can provide'. Even a small level of counselling.

"Sean is absolutely devastated. He's a broken man."

Dubai police have not been available for comment.

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