Warnings after boy rescued from Farnham clay quarry

Safety campaigners have urged people living near a clay quarry to heed danger signs after a boy aged 13 was stuck up to his waist for two hours.

Fire and rescue teams pulled him to safety from a sandpit off the A31 Farnham bypass in Surrey on Monday.

Local councillor Mike Roberts, who has raised safety fears in the past, said he dreaded to think what might have happened if the boy had been younger.

He said the area was being restored and had pits which needed to dry out.

Dog walker

"People shouldn't access it but there's only so much you can do without actually putting electric fences up to try to stop people getting access," he said.

"The area of extraction has very damp, wet areas which cannot be easily discerned from a mere look.

"It's a bit like a bog - you have a crust on top which looks perfectly sound but it you step on it you just sink.

"The good news is he only sank up to his waist... if it had been a much younger boy you dread to think."

Last year a dog walker got stuck in clay at the quarry when he entered an out of bounds area, triggering a safety awareness campaign.

Mr Roberts said that campaign should have been repeated this summer.

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