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Guildford street cleaners use Twitter to tell all

image captionStreet cleaners are telling residents about their work via the Twitter website

Guildford street cleaners are using the Twitter website for a day to let residents know what they are doing to keep the town clean and tidy.

Guildford Borough Council said the "tweetathon" would give an inside view of the work of front line staff.

As well as street cleaners, the dog warden and person who removes graffiti and chewing gum are also tweeting.

"It can be a dirty job - but we're proud to do it!" said Gary Kirk, enforcement officer.

"We think people will be surprised by the amount and the kind of work we do each day to make sure Guildford stays a great place to be," he said.

Earlier tweets included:

  • "Chris, quick response team: at Pirbright, tonne of builders rubbish dumped will be here a while, bricks, plaster, microwaves"
  • "Richard - Ash Crew: Emptying litter and dog bins and sweeping shop fronts in Ash"
  • "Pete - Dog Warden: Off to pick up a stray dog in Merrow area"
  • "Bob - Graffiti Crew: Cleaned out portaloo at bottom of town. Needed good disinfect someone been sick in it last night"

The event is part of the council's Love Where You Live campaign which was launched March.

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