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Parrot and lemur stolen from Beaver Water World

image captionAn elderly ring-tailed lemur was stolen from the centre in Tatsfield

A ring-tailed lemur and an Amazon parrot have been stolen from an animal rescue centre in Surrey.

The parrot was taken from the aviary and the lemur was taken from its cage at Beaver Water World in two separate incidents, Surrey Police said.

Det Con Tony Noble said it was vital the animals were returned because they had specific dietary and welfare needs.

He said officers were talking to animal centre staff and the National Theft Register for Exotic Animals.

He also urged pet shop owners and people working with animals to be vigilant.

"Have you recently been approached by someone selling a parrot or lemur, or have you had cause to treat one in the last few days and believe it could be stolen?" he said.

Det Con Noble added that lemurs were a protected species and should not be kept at pets, so it would be unusual for someone to keep one at home.

'White van seen'

He also said the lemur was elderly and had been separated from its companions at the animal centre at Tatsfield.

Appealing for witnesses, he asked people to contact the police if they knew anyone who had acquired such an animal.

image captionBoth the parrot and the lemur have special dietary and welfare needs

It is thought the parrot was taken between 14 and 15 March, and the lemur was taken between 16 and 17 March.

It is not known how the animals were removed from the centre, or how the offenders gained access to the site.

One witness has told police of a white van with a damaged side driving around the premises and parking in the car park on Wednesday. The same van was also seen in Tatsfield.

Anyone with information should contact either Surrey Police or the National Theft Register for Exotic Animals.