Bogus callers 'mislead' residents in Spelthorne

Bogus callers are misleading residents by posing as workers from Spelthorne Council to sell home insulation, the local authority has said.

Councillor Gerald Forsbrey said the door-to-door salesmen had been calling at houses in the local area.

He warned residents to be cautious and said they could cancel any agreements within seven days by law.

The council did send out letters about its home insulation schemes but no door-to-door calls were made, he added.

'Be cautious'

Councillor Forsbrey said: "The canvassers are knocking on doors claiming they work for Spelthorne Council.

"These people are not from the council and they are trying to mislead and confuse residents by saying they are working with us.

"Residents should be very cautious if approached."

He said residents should be aware that if they have signed up for insulation the law gave them a seven-day cooling-off period during which they could cancel any contract over £35 without penalty.

People who are concerned can contact the council for more information, he added.

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