Surrey Christmas drink-drive offences fall again

Surrey police is celebrating another fall in Christmas drink-drive figures and has declared its joint campaign with the county council a success.

A total of 50 of the 1,131 motorists tested over the holiday period failed - well down on the previous two years.

The number of young drivers tested was also down following the joint initiative, as was the proportion testing positive, police said.

The Drive Smart campaign, begun in 2009, will be extended by another year.

Figures for the month from 1 December to 1 January showed just over 4% of those stopped tested positive.

'Enforcement working'

Of those tested, 217 were aged under 25.

Insp Chris Colley, of Surrey Police, said: "The continuing drop in the number of positive breath tests, particularly involving younger drivers, during the campaign each year is very encouraging and an indication that our combination of enforcement and targeted publicity activity is working."

Surrey County Council leader Dr Andrew Povey added: "Our Drive Smart campaign is tackling the problem of anti-social driving, including drinking and driving, so I'm pleased to see the number of people who registered positive breath tests has reduced.

"We will continue to work with Surrey Police to stop more lives being lost and more families losing loved ones."

The Christmas campaign featured radio and cinema advertising, posters and banners on buses and in pubs, and internet and text messages aimed at younger drivers.

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