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Sculpture marks old forge in Surrey village

image captionThe blacksmith sculpture stands in Send on the site of an old forge

A sculpture of a blacksmith has been placed on the site of an old forge in a Surrey village.

One of the artists involved in creating the work, Andy Quirk, learned his craft from blacksmiths who worked at the forge in Send.

The forge was operational in the village from 1899 to the 1960s, but has been replaced by a housing development.

Guildford council said the work to celebrate the village history was paid for by the developers.

The local authority commissioned the structure after a request from the parish council.

During its lifetime, the forge made ornamental works such as the railings for Watt's Memorial Chapel and the Abbot's Hospital and the Lady Chapel Screen at Guildford Cathedral.

Part of the sculpture includes walnut leaves on the plinth to represent a large walnut tree which used to stand outside the forge.

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