Surrey man, 86, duped out of £44,000 by bogus workmen


Bogus workmen claiming to be from a legitimate roofing firm have duped an 86-year-old man out of nearly £44,000.

The victim, from Bagshot, in Surrey, had been persuaded to have roofing work on his property which was never carried out.

Police alerted by the man's bank discovered the fraudsters had only draped a plastic sheet over the roof.

They pretended that they worked for a firm in Berkshire, which has since offered to fix his roof free of charge.

Steve Goss of Bracknell-based, Goss and Sons, said he was appalled to hear the rogue traders had used his company name.

'Persuasive argument'

"I am more than happy to do the repairs on this roof and want to help minimise the distress caused to this poor victim.

"It is horrifying what some people will do for gain," he said.

Det Con Stuart Pittaway, of Surrey Police, said the rogue traders had persuaded the victim to withdraw money from different banks, so suspicions would not be aroused.

He urged people not to talk to tradesmen who turn up unannounced, and not to be taken in "by any persuasive argument they may conjure up to have the work done".

"If possible take a note of any vehicle they might be using or any descriptions of the individuals and call police," he said.

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