Anti-social drivers in Surrey targeted in crackdown

image captionMore than 40 vehicles were checked by inspectors

More than 170 motorists were stopped during a crackdown on anti-social drivers in Surrey.

Police and other enforcement agencies took action against more than 150 of them, for offences ranging from speeding to using mobile phones.

Some of the vehicle checks, on the A25 Reigate Road in Dorking, uncovered defects and tax-disc offences.

In some cases prohibition notices or fixed penalties were issued. In others advice and warnings were given.

Surrey police, who co-ordinated the Roadside Education and Enforcement Day (Reed), said they were aiming to re-educate drivers who had lapsed into bad habits.

Officials from licensing and vehicle services agencies, the Environment Agency, local councils and taxi inspectors also took part.

In just five hours a total of 174 vehicles were stopped. Action was taken against 34 motorists travelling over the 40mph speed limit; 43 drivers or passengers not wearing seat belts and 28 people driving while using a hand-held phone.

More than 40 vehicle examinations were carried out and 13 prohibition notices issued - including eight for vehicles with excessively tinted windows - 22 vehicle defects noted and six vehicle licensing offences dealt with.

Action taken depended on the offence, and ranged from verbal warnings or advice to a fixed-penalty notice (including fine and points) and requirement to comply with the Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme.

Mole Valley neighbourhood police Inspector Terri Poulton said: "The day was a great example of how we are working together to target local concerns and make Surrey's roads safer.

"Getting tough on anti-social motorists is a priority for Surrey Police."

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