'Halloween troublemakers' warned after Surrey attack

A 52-year-old woman was left "shaken" and "deeply upset" after she was hit by a bag of flour thrown from a car.

Surrey Police said the 1kg (2.2lb) bag hit her in the chest, covering her in flour and leaving her breathless, in High Street, Bookham, on Wednesday.

The force has vowed to crack down on violent and anti-social behaviour in the run-up to Halloween following the incident.

Officers have appealed for any witnesses to contact them.

Sgt Simon Cox, said: "This was an unprovoked attack on an innocent member of the public.

"The people responsible may have thought this was a joke but in reality a lady was left deeply upset.

"These people clearly don't have any respect for others and I wonder how they would feel if it happened to them or someone they loved?"

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