Motorists defy dispersal order in Guildford

New powers introduced to curb anti-social behaviour at an event for motoring enthusiasts in Guildford may have to be extended, police have said.

Officers introduced a dispersal order after receiving complaints that motorists were involved in drag racing and spinning manoeuvres.

But Sgt Amy Buffoni said a group of drivers were gathering in the nearby Leapale Road car park to defy the ban.

She said the order would be extended if the anti-social behaviour persisted.

'Causing chaos'

"We have seen a huge reduction in complaints from members of the public, so from that point of view the order has proved extremely successful," she said.

"However, we had some problems with a small minority of car enthusiasts meeting in the car park and then driving round the town centre sounding their horns and causing chaos by clogging up the one way system."

Under the six-month dispersal order, police can make groups of two or more leave the area and not return for 24 hours.

If they refuse or return within this time they may be arrested and charged.

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