Coronavirus: Mother thanks West Suffolk Hospital for baby's care

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Emily Woodger: "The doctor had all his PPE on so I had prepared myself"

A mother has thanked NHS staff who treated her five-month-old daughter for coronavirus.

Emily Woodger said she knew "something was not right" with Amelia as she was "freezing cold but sweating".

The 25-year-old took her baby girl to West Suffolk Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Mrs Woodger said the hospital staff were "amazing" and she was "relieved" when she was able to take Amelia home to Brandon in Suffolk.

"We're the lucky ones who got to come home, not everyone is," she said.

Mrs Woodger said she first noticed Amelia was poorly when they went for a walk on 4 April and she was "really sleepy", which was "not like her".

"She's normally a very happy and alert baby but she was very sleepy, hardly waking up at all, miserable, just crying all the time like she was in pain, she was not herself at all," she said.

Image source, Emily Woodger
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Emily Woodger said hospital staff were "amazing"

Mrs Woodger spent three days on her own at the hospital with Amelia as her husband Connor and other family members could not be with her.

"It was very hard, the time you want someone to be with you, they can't be there," she said.

"I couldn't stop crying, I was very upset, you never think it's going to be you."

Mrs Woodger said she and her husband were "thankful" when Amelia was able to return home and the family are now in their second week of self-isolating.

She said she wanted to warn others: "Stay at home, it's not worth it. You might not even know you've got it, so you've just got to stay at home."

Image source, Emily Woodger
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Amelia was "not like herself" when she had coronavirus, her mother said

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