Man reunited with wedding ring buried in Suffolk field after 20 years

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The ringImage source, The Hewistons
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The ring has been missing for about 20 years

A man has been reunited with his wedding ring after it went missing 20 years ago.

The ring was found in a field behind where John Hewiston, 75, used to live in Occold, Suffolk by an amateur metal detectorist.

Tyrone Holman found the ring on 21 March at Church Farm and was determined to reunite it with its owner when he spotted a special engraving.

John's wife Christiane Hewiston said: "It was amazing to see it again".

The ring, which was delivered on Monday, is now firmly back in place on Mr Hewiston's finger.

Image source, The Hewistons
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Christiane and John Hewiston plan to meet Mr Holman when restrictions over movement are lifted

"It's amazing but strange to see him wearing it... he's said he's going to be very careful with it," said Mrs Hewiston.

When the ring was first lost, the couple, from Gooderstone, Norfolk, assumed it had fallen off during Mr Hewiston's daily commute.

Christiane Hewiston, 72, said: "We didn't know where to look anymore, we had to accept it was gone, it was very sad... we never replaced it because it wouldn't be the same."

However, it was actually buried in a neighbouring field after it was mixed up with debris when their previous neighbours helped them dig a garden pond.

The debris was later scattered on the field, the ring among it.

Image source, Tyrone Holman
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Tyrone Holman found the ring in a field

Mr Holman noticed the ring's engraving which said 'with love Christiane' and had the couple's wedding date.

He wanted to try to reunite it with its owner and contacted Church Farm to ask if they knew anyone with the name.

"We got a message from our old neighbour Brian asking if 9 September 1967 was of any significance? John was a bit puzzled but I knew straight away," said Mrs Hewiston.

Mr Holman said of his find: "It's my hobby and I'm glad that they're chuffed... it's just a nice happy story in these troubled times."

The couple are planning to meet Mr Holman to thank him after coronavirus restrictions are lifted.