Coronavirus: Radio presenter helps mum see funeral

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Justin Dealey
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Justin Dealey said he has spoken to Ivy on the phone every day since she called his show

A 76-year-old self-isolating woman was able to see her daughter's funeral thanks to BBC Local Radio.

Ivy, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, called into Justin Dealey's show which broadcasts across the East of England and Kent on Saturday Evenings.

She said she was "very emotional" about not being able to go to her daughter Trish's funeral.

But the presenter arranged for the funeral directors to stream the service live on Facebook.

BBC Radio Suffolk then sent a member of staff with a laptop to allow Ivy to watch the funeral at a crematorium in Norwich.

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Ivy in Woodbridge sent her thanks to BBC Radio Suffolk and Justin Dealey

On Monday the government announced measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic, including stopping weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies but it said funerals would be allowed.

But due to Ivy's health, and the need for both a carer and a driver, she was unable to travel the 60 miles (96 km) to the funeral.

Dealey said: "At the moment there are a section of society and our listeners who need our help more than ever."

He said that after speaking to Ivy he "wanted to do everything we possibly could to make sure she could see her daughter's funeral live".

BBC Local Radio has launched a "Make A Difference" campaign during the coronavirus pandemic.

Each station will be sharing details of help and support from organisations and individuals who assisting others in their communities.

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