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Ipswich parents of burned baby fled to Romania ahead of sentencing

image captionThe couple were sentenced in their absence

Parents who lied about how their baby suffered burns from an electric hob have been sentenced in their absence after fleeing to Romania.

Sorina Andronache, 20, and Vasile Tecaru,22, of Mountbatten Court, Ipswich, waited over 12 hours to get treatment for their daughter.

The couple initially claimed it was caused by a radiator, a court heard.

Andronache was jailed for six months and Tecaru for eight months after admitting child neglect.

Warrants have been issued for their arrest after the couple left for the east European country earlier this year.

The couple claimed their daughter was injured when she put her hand on a hot radiator at 22:30 GMT on 16 February last year, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

They took their daughter to a GP the day after.


The girl had a severe second degree burn to her left hand and was immediately referred to Ipswich Hospital, and the surgery reported it to Suffolk Police.

Despite telling officers the girl had cried for up to three hours following the burn, the court heard that they decided not to take her to hospital because she "was crying for so long".

Tecaru and Andronache later admitted their daughter had burnt herself after touching a burner on their electric hob.

Defence counsel Simon Walters told the court he believed the couple were remorseful.

Sentencing the pair Judge Rupert Overbury said the injury was "the most appalling second degree burn".

Tecaru was given an additional one month in prison for being in breach of a suspended sentence.

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