Sir David Attenborough praises children's climate change song

Sir David Attenborough wrote a letter to the children Image copyright Rob Davies
Image caption Sir David Attenborough wrote to congratulate the children on their activism

Sir David Attenborough has praised a group of children who wrote a song promoting environmentalism.

The group wrote their own lyrics about climate change concerns but related it to YouTubers and pop stars to make it relevant to children.

The year six class from Clare Community Primary School in Suffolk titled the song The Extinction Will Not Be Televised.

They were inspired by Extinction Rebellion protests.

They based the track's name on the Gil Scot-Heron song The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Teacher Rob Davies set his class the song-writing challenge as part of a project on extreme weather and climate change.

He said: "The children updated it with cultural references, YouTubers, stuff I'd never heard of."

Image copyright Rob Davies
Image caption The children recorded a song they called The Extinction Will Not Be Televised

Mr Davies wrote to Sir David Attenborough and explained what the class had done and was surprised when the naturalist and broadcaster replied.

Sir David wrote: "Congratulations for what you are doing."

Mr Davies said: "It's amazing with the status he has that he could hand write a letter back to us, it shows the kids what they are doing is important and means something."

Lyrics from the song include: "The theme song will not be written by Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift nor sung by Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. Because the extinction will not be televised."

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