New nuclear plant at Sizewell '20% cheaper than Hinkley'

Image source, EDF
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Sizewell C (light grey on right) would be built north to the existing Sizewell B plant

EDF Energy has said it could build a new nuclear power station in Suffolk for significantly less than the near £20bn Hinkley Point C site.

Chief executive Simone Rossi said there could be a capital cost reduction of 20% for a proposed new plant at Sizewell, Suffolk.

Work has started on Hinkley Point C in Somerset which Mr Rossi said was "going well".

The French firm plans to put the first unit of power into service by 2025.

Mr Rossi said the key to reducing the cost of building new power stations was replication.

Image source, EDF Energy
Image caption,
Work on Hinkley Point C in Somerset is "going well", said Simone Rossi

He said: "Hinkley Point C has eight emergency generators. They had to be designed and certified to meet the standards required for nuclear safety.

"That means the first two will cost £38 million, but the next six will be half the price.

"At Sizewell, none of that development or certification work needs to be done again.

"Repeating that experience countless times for a power station at Sizewell that is largely identical to Hinkley Point C makes a capital cost reduction of 20% possible."

EDF Energy and its partner China General Nuclear Ltd propose to build a new nuclear power station, Sizewell C, located to the north of the existing Sizewell B plant.

It said it will create 25,000 "employment opportunities" and is currently consulting on the proposals.

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