Towering Suffolk teen heading for height record

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Media captionTowering teen Brandon Marshall closes in on record

A boy who stands at nearly 7ft tall (2.13m) is less than two inches shy of becoming the world's tallest ever teen.

Brandon Marshall, 15, from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk measured just over 6ft 11.5ins (2.12m) a few weeks ago.

Guinness World Records said Kevin Bradford, 18, from the US, holds the title for tallest teenager at 7ft 1ins.

The shy British basketball player, who is said to be missing a height-capping chromosome, told The Sun he was hoping to become a pro player for a US team.

His mother, Lynne Quelch, said Brandon was a normal-sized baby but had particularly long fingers and hands.

She said he had been growing three to four inches a year from the age of 12.

His family assumed he would be tall as his father is, 6ft 10ins.

"The worry now is where he's going to stop," said Mrs Quelch.

Three years ago medics estimated he would reach 7ft 2ins by the age of 18.

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Image caption Brandon Marshall, who is still growing, says he hopes his height will secure him a place with a US pro basketball team

Brandon said "It would be a dream to become a pro player. The only other benefit apart from basketball is reaching stuff for my mum."

Although he was used to people staring he can get a bit "irritated", his mother said.

Buying clothes, especially his school uniform, is a costly "nightmare," according to Mrs Quelch.

Image copyright Lynne Quelch
Image caption Brandon aged nine with his mother, Lynne Quelch

The teenager's feet are a size 15 and his inside leg measures 38 inches (97cm)

School trousers cost £45, while a single pair of shoes comes to £140.

Food bills are sizeable too. "He's constantly got his head in the fridge," said his mother.

Image copyright Lynne Quelch
Image caption Flying to Portugal for a holiday was very uncomfortable for the teenager, despite being seated in a seat with extra leg room

Brandon has been advised to take in 8,000 to 10,000 calories a day. The usual recommended intake for an adult male is 2,500.

The tallest man in the world is Sultan Kosen, 34, of Turkey, who is 8ft 3ins (2.51m).

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