Bury St Edmunds shooting: Rebecca Deferia 'organised hit on ex-boyfriend'

Police in Bury St Edmunds after a shooting at Forum Court
Image caption Station Hill was closed as Suffolk Police investigated the shooting at Forum Court

A man who was shot during an assassination plot allegedly arranged by his ex was told she "wanted him dead", a court has heard.

Jonathan Catchpole, 38, was attacked by three men at his flat in Bury St Edmunds in August 2015.

His ex-girlfriend Rebecca Deferia is accused of organising the attempt on his life after their relationship ended.

Ms Deferia, 30, denies conspiracy to murder.

'Hole in chest'

Ipswich Crown Court heard three men - one armed with a sawn-off shotgun - barged into Mr Catchpole's home.

During police interviews heard in court, Mr Catchpole told officers: "One of the guys said: 'Rebecca wants you I knew what it was about.

In the "tussle" which ensued, he was hit over the head, and felt warm blood running down his face. He tried to grab the shotgun and push it away.

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Image caption The shooting happened at Forum Court in Bury St Edmunds

"I heard a bang, and there was a smell, and I looked down and there was a hole in my chest and blood was spurting out of it," he said.

He described how the trio ran off and he went outside knocking at the doors of his neighbours, before eventually collapsing in the street, struggling to breathe.

People came to his aid and he was taken to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Shotgun pellets, wadding and shrapnel were all found inside his body, but not all could be removed, he said.

Ms Deferia, 30, from Carnation Way, Red Lodge, denies conspiracy to murder between August 2014 and August 2015.

The case continues.

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