Colchester: Owner 'shocked and upset' after bin lorry leaves car crushed

The damaged Audi
Image caption The owner of the damaged Audi initially dismissed the thunderous noise outside his house

A car owner whose vehicle was written off after a bin lorry knocked down the car port outside his house, has told of the "shock and upset" of the incident.

Mario Kyriacou was working at home when his Audi convertible was destroyed in Ranger Walk, Colchester.

He said he heard a noise "like thunder", initially mistaking it for a car crash until he was alerted by neighbours to the damage outside.

The council has apologised, saying the matter is with their insurers.

Mr Kyriacou, who works in advertising and marketing, heard refuse collectors arrive to empty bins near his home, he told the Evening Gazette.

Image caption Mr Kyriacou bought the Audi five years ago
Image caption Contractors were working to clean up after the incident
Image caption The council says the matter is in the hands of its insurers

He said: "I heard a massive crash, it was like thunder and at first I thought it could be a car crash, but I didn't really think twice about it as they're a noisy lot."

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It was only a few hours later when his neighbour came in to ask him if he had "seen the car port below" that he looked out.

"I obviously swore a lot. I can't express how shocked I was, and upset. And then it was explained to me that the bin lorry had backed in and knocked down the car port," he said.

Mr Kyriacou said it was only chance that his Audi, which he bought for £12,000 five years ago, was parked there, as usually another neighbour used the space in the car port.

A Colchester Borough Council spokesman said it regretted the incident and apologised for the "understandable upset and distress" it caused.

He said: "We are moving as fast and as far as we can to ensure that reparations for the damage are made as soon as possible."

A motorbike, owned by Paul Church, was also damaged in the incident.

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