Hacking suspect Lauri Love criticises justice system

Lauri Love
Image caption Lauri Love, 31, said he has not seen any of the evidence against him in the three years since he was arrested

An autistic man facing claims he hacked US government computer systems has criticised a ruling to extradite him.

Lauri Love, of Stradishall, Suffolk, said he would appeal against the order signed by Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

The 31-year-old, who has Asperger's syndrome, is accused of hacking into the FBI, the US central bank and Nasa.

He said he had not seen any of the evidence against him, which he said was an "aberration of justice".

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Mr Love was first arrested at his Suffolk home in 2013.

He said Ms Rudd's "hands were tied" in signing the extradition order, but fears he will not be given a fair trial in America.

He said "like anyone else arrested in the UK", he wants a fair trial in this country.

'Not paranoid'

He said: "If no evidence has to be shown and somebody can be taken away from their country, to a country where they have never lived, and potentially face 99 years or the rest of their life in prison, that's something that should trouble us.

"The government and the court should try to prevent this situation."

Mr Love, who has had depression and periods of acute depression, said it was "likely" he could "lose the capacity to avoid the temptation" to end his life if he were to be tried in the US.

"This is not paranoia, I've been paying attention to the US justice system for years and sadly people don't get a trial, sadly people are treated inhumanly and people die in prison," he said.

Mr Love has 14 days to appeal against the decision. If accepted, there would be a hearing next year.

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