'X-rated' council error sends voters to hardcore porn site

A copy of the letter

A letter sent to residents urging them to check their eligibility to vote directed them to a hardcore porn website.

The reminder was supposed to direct recipients to a Mid Suffolk District Council website, but the address provided sends users to explicit content.

A resident uncovered the error when he typed the address into his web browser.

The authority said the mistake was "embarrassing".

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The man who discovered the error, who did not wish to be named, notified BBC Radio Suffolk.

"Quite humorous from my perspective but might give some of your older listeners a bit of a shock," he said.

"I have informed them but I'm guessing a few have already been mailed out."

The council has apologised.

"It was not our intention to embarrass anybody in the district and the first thing I would like to say is to apologise to anybody who has received this letter," Senior Director Mike Evans said.

"We think about 80 documents were hand-delivered by canvassers in the wards of Claydon and Barham."

Image caption The letter was sent out to people living in the Mid Suffolk area in the last week

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