Bomb squad called to Cambridge United boss's home over boot briefcase

Dalham, Suffolk Image copyright Google
Image caption The rogue briefcase sparked a bomb alert in the village of Dalham

A football club boss sparked a bomb alert when he found a briefcase containing two Jordanian passports in his car boot.

Cambridge United director Renford Sargent called police after finding the case at his home in Dalham, Suffolk.

He said bomb squad officers had initially wanted to detonate the case inside the boot of his BMW.

But after some persuasion, Mr Sargent said, he convinced them to perform a controlled explosion on his drive.

Mr Sargent had travelled with co-director Graham Daniels to watch Cambridge play Newport on Saturday.

'Blow it up'

He believes the briefcase was left by a man waiting for a lift in a similar car when he stopped to pick up Mr Daniels.

"Sunday morning I wake up, go to my boot to get some stuff out of it and I see this suitcase with a couple of Arabic passports on top," he said.

Police evacuated a number of houses and set up a cordon near Mr Sargent's home in the village after he contacted them.

Mr Sargent said: "The bomb squad arrived with one of these little robots and the policeman, who'd become a great friend by this point, told me to retreat to somewhere, so we all decided to go to the pub.

"I was waiting in the pub and this little police officer came back to me - I'd had a couple by now - he said to me 'I've got some bad news for you, they want to actually blow the case up inside your boot'.

"I went with him to see the army people, and my next-door neighbour is an army major.

"He said, 'do you really need to do that?'

"So we persuaded them in the end to take the case out of my car with the robot, put it on my driveway and blow it up there."

Suffolk Police said they believed the case was placed in the vehicle "in error".

"There are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances," a spokeswoman confirmed.

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