Driver's level crossing near-miss caught on camera

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Media captionDashcam footage shows driver jumping level crossing lights

A motorist has been caught on camera apparently undertaking cars and narrowly missing pedestrians to avoid waiting at a level crossing.

A Range Rover Evoque mounted the pavement and missed a young child and two women, one pushing a pram, in Oulton Broad, Suffolk.

The footage was filmed on a dash-cam and has been reported to authorities.

Suffolk's police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore described the driver's actions as "appalling".

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Image copyright Paul Whitlow
Image caption The car narrowly misses pedestrians as it mounts the pavement

The footage filmed on Thursday shows the Evoque stop to queue in traffic at the crossing.

The driver then drove up the inside lane, mounting the pavement slightly, before driving through the closing gates.

'Dicing with death'

Paul Whitlow, whose wife Shirley recorded the footage, said: "When this came up I thought this needs to be shared to show the danger that ignoring rail crossing signs could lead to.

"If a train had come through and hit that other car, they could have all been injured."

Image copyright Suffolk Police
Image caption Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore branded the driver's antics 'reckless and unacceptable'

Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: "I'm flabbergasted. It's an appalling thing to do.

"You're dicing with death, the lights were on, the barriers were starting to come down and this mad person decided to undercut other cars that were already waiting.

"It is so dangerous, absolutely reckless and completely unacceptable."

Both Suffolk Police and British Transport Police (BTP) have been sent the footage.

Sgt Paul Thompson, from BTP, added: "We take anything like that very seriously."

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