Photographer George Georgiou to show Ipswich as seen from its buses

Bus in Ipswich
Image caption Photographer George Georgiou will spend nine days on the buses of Ipswich

An award-winning photographer is to spend nine days on buses in Ipswich, taking photos of local people.

George Georgiou, whose previous destinations include Turkey, Serbia and Ukraine, has not visited the town before and says he has no preconceptions of what it will be like.

"The only thing I know about Ipswich is the football club," he said.

"Every journey will be a complete exploration and mystery to me, which is the perfect way to approach something."

Image copyright George Georgiou
Image caption George Georgiou refers to some of his photos as "micro dramas"

Georgiou's residency on the buses around Ipswich is a continuation of a project he did in his hometown of London, and before that a study of people on public transport in Ukraine following the 'Orange Revolution' protests.

"I travelled through Ukraine on buses, trains, trams, and trolley buses - photographing people going to work, going home," he said. "If you take the bus you end up going into areas you have no reason to normally go into."

Image copyright George Georgiou
Image caption People of Ukraine were photographed from public transport
Image copyright George Georgiou
Image caption George Georgiou received an award for his photos showing the aftermath of bombs in Istanbul

His photos from the buses in London show people carrying about their daily routines, and are intended to leave the viewer with room for their own interpretation.

"The things I'm really interested in are those fairly every day mundane things, but they're so loaded with meaning," Georgiou said.

"They're open-ended scenarios, what I call little micro dramas, or mini soaps. There's an image where you're looking into a pub - it's like a film scene but you imagine the scenario yourself."

Image copyright George Georgiou
Image caption The photographer said fewer people sit and watch life from a bus now that they have phones to keep them occupied
Image copyright George Georgiou
Image caption George Georgiou presented an exhibition called Last Stop based on his photos from London

Georgiou will arrive in Ipswich on Monday and the resulting photographs will feature in the PhotoEast festival, which launches in May.

"Ipswich will be really interesting - the whole place will be new to me," he said.

"I used to research projects before I went but I found that over the years you're going in there with a preconceived idea of the place, and I think you're further away from the truth."

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