Suffolk lost piglet found in care of horses

Martine Lettau, a piglet and mustang horses Image copyright Martine Lettau
Image caption Martine Lettau said she found the piglet "rustling and squealing" in her mustangs' stables on Monday morning

A horse breeder who found a newborn piglet in her stables thinks it may have been carried there by a fox.

The piglet was nestled among straw used by mustangs, but the stables owner has no idea where it came from.

Martine Lettau, from Tuddenham St Mary in Suffolk, said: "Mustangs are quite renowned for seeing off predators."

The piglet was taken to a nearby pig farm, but its manager said it was "unlikely" it had come from there originally.

Image copyright Martine Lettau
Image caption Martine Lettau said: "I couldn't for the life of me explain how it got here."

Ms Lettau said she found the piglet "rustling and squeaking" in the stable on Monday morning.

"The only thing I can imagine is that a fox carried the piglet off when it was born, carried it over a mile here and happened to come through the paddock," she said.

"The foals might have then chased the fox off and the piglet got herded into the stable.

"When I found the piglet and it started squealing, some of the mustangs came over from the paddock to see what I was doing to it, so they must have taken ownership."

Ms Lettau said she took the piglet to a neighbouring farm in the Mildenhall area.

The farm manager, who did not wish to be identified, said that as it was only a day old he could not confirm if it had been born in one of his fields, but the piglet had put it with a sow and it was weaning.

He said: "I think it would be highly unlikely for a fox to carry a piglet for a mile, let alone for it to have no mark or injury as a result.

"If the piglet's temperature dropped by even a couple of degrees it would not have survived."

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