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Ex-fattest man Paul Mason in surgery funds bid

image copyrightRebecca Mountain
image captionThis photo of Paul Mason was taken on 8 September this year

A man once dubbed the world's fattest is raising funds for more skin-removal surgery in the new year.

Paul Mason, 54, from Ipswich, weighed 70 stone (440kg) at his peak, but after NHS gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and some skin-removal in the US, he is now down to 20 stone (127kg).

Mr Mason, who now lives in Massachusetts, says he wants more skin taken from his legs, arms and chest.

He said his arms in particular are a "visual thing" that need tackling.

image copyrightPaul Nixon Photography
image captionPaul Mason weighed 70 stone (440kg) at his peak when he was living in Ipswich
image copyrightPaul Nixon Photography
image captionPaul Mason gave an interview to BBC Radio Suffolk's Mark Murphy ahead of the surgery

Mr Mason used to have £75-worth of takeaways delivered to his door every day,

After his gastric bypass weight loss he was left with hanging folds of skin and opted for surgery in the US rather than wait for the NHS to approve operations.

About 60lbs (27kg) of skin was removed earlier this year after a donation of surgery time by Dr Jennifer Capla in New York.

He said he had just had an operation to remove a toe ulcer and painkilling injections for arthritis in his knees, but would return to his exercise regime when he had recovered.

He said: "I've got more skin to be removed on my legs, arms and chest.

"The operations aren't too daunting - it's painful obviously, but this problem with my toe has been worse.

"The arms is quite a visual thing that I'm stuck with unless I have the surgery.

"Five year ago I was a 980lb person laying in bed, and I look at those photos and it's a totally different person."

Mr Mason had become engaged to Rebecca Mountain and went to live with her in Orange, but she has recently confirmed on Facebook that the pair had split up.

She wrote that "even though we are no longer together as a couple, I stand behind him 100%".

image copyrightPaul Nixon Photography
image captionPaul Mason, pictured in Ipswich with Rebecca Mountain, has stopped using a wheelchair to get around

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