'World's fattest man' Paul Mason has New York surgery

Paul Mason and Rebecca Mountain Image copyright PAUL MASON
Image caption Paul Mason and fiancée Rebecca Mountain after the operation in New York

A man once dubbed the world's fattest has had between three and four stone (22 to 27kg) of skin removed.

Paul Mason, 54, from Ipswich, used to weigh 70 stone (440kg) but has lost about 45 stone (285kg).

He is currently in New York recuperating after a nine-hour operation there to remove the loose skin.

Asked by BBC Radio Suffolk about the removal of so much tissue, he said: "I just think 'good riddance'."

Image copyright PAul Mason
Image caption Paul Mason will have to undergo further surgery to remove other areas of excess skin after his weight loss

About half of the skin removed was from Mr Mason's right leg with further significant surgery to what he described as his "apron", which covered his midriff.

"The operation entailed the removal of the excess skin left from the weight loss operation," he said.

"It has certainly improved things for me."

He said the excess skin had been holding him back.

"I can see me getting around a lot easier," he said.

Image copyright Paul Mason
Image caption Paul Mason agreed to marry Rebecca Mountain during filming for a TV programme

"Lifting my leg... (feels like) lifting a wafer-thin piece of paper rather a tree trunk."

He said he still needed further surgery to remove excess skin elsewhere on his body, including his arms.

"Life has definitely improved," he said.

Mr Mason, who used to have £75-worth of takeaways and chocolate delivered to his door daily, had the operation thanks to a donation of time by Dr Jennifer Capla.

He travelled to the United States last year and has been living with Massachusetts resident Rebecca Mountain, who proposed to him during filming for TV programme The View.

The full interview with Mr Mason will be broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk after 11:00 BST on Wednesday.

Image copyright Paul Nixon Photography
Image caption Paul Mason gave an interview to BBC Radio Suffolk's Mark Murphy ahead of the surgery
Image copyright PAUL MASON
Image caption Between three and four stone (22 to 27kg) of skin was removed

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