Michael Chopra closes Twitter account after posting photo of cash

image captionMichael Chopra's Twitter account was offline shortly after the post was made

An Ipswich Town footballer deleted his Twitter account minutes after apparently posting a photo of thousands of pounds of cash.

Michael Chopra, 29, was loaned £250,000 by the club in 2011 to help pay off gambling debts.

Last month he said he could not afford to pay £50,000 to defend himself at an inquiry into horseracing corruption.

The tweet read: "Keep tweeting me about being in debt haha love it #cash #skint #lol #lendmeafiver."

'Think before tweet'

There was no indication of where the photo was from.

image captionMichael Chopra signed for Ipswich from Cardiff City in 2011

An Ipswich Town spokesman said Chopra had decided to close the account, which had 14,000 followers, shortly after posting the photo at about 12:00 GMT.

"Michael enjoys the banter of Twitter but sometimes that banter can be a little bit over the top," he said.

Last month new signing Aaron McLean apologised after tweeting that shopping in the town was "rubbish".

"As a club we welcome the use of Twitter," the spokesman said.

"In an era when fans don't get close to players it's a good communication tool, but players should think before they tweet."

Ipswich striker Jay Emmanuel Thomas posted his own message shortly after Chopra's, which read: "Michael Chopra your a clown."

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