Weekend ambulance 999 calls across east up by 18%

Ambulance crews across the east dealt with 8,095 calls over the weekend.

Calls from people in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk were 18% higher than in the last weekend of November.

On Friday, calls in Suffolk rose from 88 in November to 149, an increase of nearly 70%.

Many of the calls would have been unnecessary if precautions had been taken, the East of England Ambulance Service said.

'Resist temptation'

Neil Storey, the director of operations, said: "Stock up on necessary medicines and the basics you may need at this time of year like painkillers, indigestion tablets and cold remedies.

"Everyone should keep themselves warm and protected and resist the temptation to go beyond indulging to ensure they have a great Christmas.

"Only call 999 in an emergency like suspected cardiac or stroke.

"Minor calls will be redirected to a more appropriate health care provider like out of hours doctor or 111."

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