Suffolk police and crime commissioner results

Conservative Tim Passmore has been elected police and crime commissioner for Suffolk.

Find out more about each of these candidates below.


Jane Basham, a former chief executive of Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, has been selected as the Labour candidate for police commissioner.

Image caption Jane Basham said she was determined to help people feel safe on the streets

She said: "These are complex times for policing, and I know from my time working with Suffolk Police that we have a dedicated team of police personnel, including volunteers, working to keep us safe.

"I am determined to help people feel safe on the street and I am committed to listening to victims of crime, officers and police community support officers on the frontline and everyone working to combat crime and disorder across our county.

"As PCC I would bring real connections with communities and a focus on victims that is vital to preventing and detecting crime, including organized crime."

Jane Basham's election statement

DAVID COCKS - Independent

David Cocks, former chief executive of the SGR radio group, Doctors on Call and Take Care Now, is standing as an independent candidate.

Image caption David Cocks said it was "vital" to have an independent police and crime commissioner

He said: "I believe it is vital to have an independent commissioner who will not handcuff Suffolk Police to any political party.

"There are real challenges lying ahead for the police who are already coping with significant cuts and it will be a priority to ensure that the public's expectation for their safety, the detection of crime and maintaining frontline police numbers are not compromised.

"There must be no hiding place in Suffolk for criminals."

David Cocks's election statement

BILL MOUNTFORD - United Kingdom Independence Party

Image caption UKIP candidate Bill Mountford believes in 'old fashioned policing'

Suffolk County councillor Bill Mountford, who has worked in the hydrographic survey industry for 20 years, has been selected as the United Kingdom Independence Party candidate.

Mr Mountford said: "I believe in old fashioned high profile policing, with more bobbies on the beat. The people of Suffolk expect and deserve police support when they need it. I believe that the law applies to all, and everyone should be treated fairly and equally, without prejudice and without favour.

"I want a Suffolk of safe streets where residents, especially the elderly, feel safe in their homes.

"Through increased public involvement in determining how our county is policed, I will deliver an efficient and effective police service."

Bill Mountford's election statement

TIM PASSMORE - Conservative

Tim Passmore, a farming and tourism consultant and leader of Mid Suffolk Council, is the Conservative candidate for the commissioner post.

Image caption Tim Passmore wants to "customise" police to what is needed in Suffolk

He said: "I want to keep driving crime down. Suffolk Police is a good force and we are not in a high crime area, but we have to do better.

"We must ensure we have a fair share of national resources given to the county and we need an individual who is sufficiently independent and capable of taking on vested interests and government when appropriate."

He said he was "pretty independent minded" and that was a vital quality for any commissioner and it was also important to "customise" the force to the needs of Suffolk.

Tim Passmore's election statement