Warren Hill 'has problem with bullying', says report

A Suffolk young offender institution which lost half its accommodation to rioting last year has a problem with bullying, according to a new report.

Inspectors at Warren Hill, Hollesley, witnessed intimidation and were also concerned about prisoners being strip-searched on arrival.

But chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said the institution had made progress since November's disturbances.

He said: "It's getting back on its feet but there is a way to go."

Warren Hill was subject to an unannounced inspection in May.

'Challenging and difficult'

Mr Hardwick said vulnerable new inmates were getting picked on.

"We saw instances where we intervened because we thought staff were not intervening sufficiently to stop bullying - that is a concern and something they need to get on top of," he said.

"Warren Hill does hold some boys with very challenging and difficult behaviour, so the staff there have got a tough job.

"On a whole it is safe for most of the lads held there, and we were pleased to see there was plenty for them to do and there was good work being done to help them with their reading, writing and basic numeracy."

Reception and first night accommodation was described as "unacceptable" but Mr Hardwick said he believed this would change as part of planned building work.

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