Blood-spray hospital man in court in Ipswich

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Ipswich Hospital said it had a zero-tolerance policy towards violence against staff

A Suffolk man who sprayed his blood over a hospital emergency ward and equipment has admitted criminal damage and threatening behaviour.

Phillip Bowman, 21, appeared at Ipswich Magistrates' Court, following the incident at the town's hospital on 23 October.

Bowman, of Yarmouth Road, Melton, was admitted after cutting an artery on glass during a domestic argument.

He is due to appear for sentencing on Monday.

Bowman was told by District Judge David Cooper that they were not ruling out a custodial sentence.

Refused treatment

The court heard Bowman was admitted to the emergency ward after drinking a large quanity of wine.

He refused treatment and splattered staff with his blood which meant part of the Accident and Emergency department had to be closed off and stab-vests thrown away.

The disturbance lasted for two hours, the court was told.

A senior staff nurse was said to have described the incident as "the toughest shift I have ever worked".

Ipswich Hospital spokeswoman Jan Rowsell said: "Incidents like this, which I'm very glad to say are extremely rare, are taken extremely seriously by the hospital.

"We work closely with Suffolk Police and we mean what we say when we have a zero-tolerance approach to violence, abuse and aggression."

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