Singing postmen try to cheer up Leek

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Postmen pals kept apart by coronavirus make video

Two postmen, separated from colleagues and customers due to social distancing, filmed themselves singing to cheer residents up.

One woman told them the resulting video had reduced her to tears and laughter.

Nigel Maycock and Andy Birch-Machin from Leek in Staffordshire filmed themselves singing Close To You by The Carpenters, as it seemed apt in the circumstances.

Mr Maycock posted the video on his Facebook page where it's been shared more than 200 times.

"You see people who are on their own, and sometimes it's the first contact they've had that day," he said.

"You can't chat but they knock on the window and wave - you just feel humble going around."

Image source, Andy Birch-Machin
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Andy Birch-Machin said it is said he cannot chat with customers any more

Mr Birch-Machin added: "They do like to see us, it's just so sad we can't stand around chatting like we used to - you just daren't.

"There was a lady I delivered a parcel to and she just started crying on her doorstep; what we're all going through is not nice," he added.

The postmen said they had come up with the idea for the video in a bid to "put a bit of cheer in the town," said Mr Maycock.

"One woman got in touch after seeing the video saying she had laughed and cried at the same time," said Mr Birch-Machin.

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