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Fuel poverty plans to be discussed by Stafford Borough Council

Plans for nearly £200,000 to be targeted at people living in fuel poverty are to be discussed by councillors.

Loans could be made available to help with issues such as replacing boilers, Stafford Borough Council said.

It said assistance may also be given to encourage private sector landlords to improve their property.

A report recommending putting aside £184,000 is to be discussed at a meeting this month.

Cabinet member for communities, Jeremy Pert, told the BBC: "This is loan money. It's not just handouts from Stafford Borough Council.

"[These are] loans to enable people to do work which will get paid back and then we can recycle that round and carry on the work.

"By bringing homes up to a standard we can save huge amounts of money by people not necessarily needing to go to hospital, for example, for admissions to doctors, things like that."

The council said, if approved, the money would be set aside to help people improve their homes by keeping them warm or removing hazards.

Fuel poverty is the term used to describe a person who is left living below the poverty line after paying to heat and power their home.

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