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Michael Fabricant to 'take more care' after Yasmin Alibhai-Brown 'joke'

Michael Fabricant Image copyright PA
Image caption Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said he was wrong to joke about punching

An MP who said he might punch a journalist "in the throat" if he appeared on television with her says he will now tweet with "more care."

Conservative Michael Fabricant apologised for tweeting the remark after Yasmin Alibhai-Brown took part in a Channel 4 News debate.

The Lichfield MP now says he may be "more cautious" on Twitter.

He said: "I hope my spontaneity will not be diminished by this episode. It makes me what I am.

Image caption Mr Fabricant said his first tweet about journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is the only one he regrets sending

"But my report card reads 'must take more care in future'."

David Cameron condemned Mr Fabricant's remarks but said no further action was necessary.

Ms Alibhai-Brown had said she was shocked and called on the prime minister to withdraw the party whip.

Mr Fabricant added: "Out of 23,513 tweets, the one on Friday is the only one I regret sending.

Misreading tweets

"Through all my tweeting I have tried to show that I am an imaginative and likeable individual with views on Europe, the economy, and social and many other matters.

"But because I am a Conservative MP, my tweets are scrutinised far more than if I were, say, a journalist.

"And just occasionally, I realise now that my tweets might be taken the wrong way either by people misreading them or deliberately for political advantage."

The former Tory whip was sacked as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party after he criticised the HS2 rail scheme and made online comments about the Maria Miller expenses row.

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