Stoke & Staffordshire

Online photo ban for grandmother of toddler in care

A woman whose granddaughter was taken into care has been told by a judge to stop posting the girl's name and photograph on the internet.

Staffordshire County Council had applied for an order preventing the two-year-old from being identified.

Following a hearing at Stoke-on-Trent County Court, Judge Ross Duggan ruled that the woman should stop posting pictures of the girl online.

He said the woman had undermined the girl's right to privacy.

'Harmful aspects'

In a statement, Judge Duggan said: "This child has a qualified right to privacy and family life.

"The courts of this country have decided that her future lies in adoption, which means that she has a qualified right to a successful, stable, undisturbed family life within adoption."

He said the grandmother had been "very disappointed" after failing to convince a court that she should be allowed to look after the little girl and had used Facebook to try and find her adoptive home.

"This is one of the most harmful aspects of the case and an element from which the child needs protection.

"The evidence presented to me leaves me in no doubt that the grandmother has embarked upon a campaign to undermine these rights enjoyed by the child."