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Cable theft in Wilnecote causes train cancellations

Train services between Birmingham and north-east England have been cancelled and delayed following the theft of power cables.

The cable was stolen near to Wilnecote station in Staffordshire and affected the signalling and points system.

Network Rail said it had to cancel 12 trains and 20 other services failed to complete their journeys.

It said engineers had managed to switch the power supply to an alternative source to restore timetabled services.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: "This was a major incident which caused a total of 3,900 minutes delay for passengers travelling between Birmingham, Derby and the North East, as well as local services."

British Transport Police said its officers were called to the area near Wilnecote station at 1:35 GMT where rail engineers confirmed a 650 volt power cable had been stolen.

It said it was visiting local scrap metal dealers and looking at pictures from CCTV as part of its investigation.

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