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Brineton wind farm plans rejected by public inquiry


Plans to build six 126m (413ft) high wind turbines near Stafford have been dismissed following a public inquiry.

South Staffordshire Council last year rejected proposals by developer Wind Prospect to construct turbines at New House Farm, outside Brineton.

The company launched an appeal, which was heard earlier this year by planning inspector Elizabeth Fieldhouse.

She said the machines would have a "major impact" on the area and were out of keeping with the landscape.

Tony Lendon, chairman of local opposition group STAG said: "It's a massive relief as it has been hanging over us for a long time."

He added that the three-year fight against the development had brought the local community together.

'Lost opportunity'

The eight-day public inquiry was held in February and March with the findings published on Thursday.

Wind Prospect's Development Manager Jonny Murphy said the firm was "disappointed".

He said: "We feel that a real opportunity to create a significant amount of clean renewable energy and contribute to climate change reduction targets has been lost.

"Refusing projects like this means we will continue to burn increasingly expensive fossil fuels and rely on energy imports from other countries."

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