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Staffordshire chosen for 2012 Paralympic torch stops

Cannock and Trentham Lake in Staffordshire are to play host to the Paralympic Flame on its way to the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The exact locations for the torch stops have been revealed by the London 2012 organising committee Locog, to mark six months until the opening ceremony.

A pool party will be held in Cannock in honour of the flame and the torch will also be paddled across Trentham Lake.

The flame is due to stop in Hereford and Coventry too.

Locog has arranged for four flames to be lit for the Paralympics in London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

They will be carried across the UK as part of a relay to be re-united in Stoke Mandeville, which Locog said was the spiritual home of the Paralympics.

The torches are due to arrive in Cannock and at Trentham Lake on 25 August.

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