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Staffordshire manufacturing job losses 'highest in UK'

More than 21,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in Staffordshire over five years - the highest figure for an area in the UK, the GMB union claims.

The numbers employed in manufacturing there fell about 28% from 74,200 in 2006/7 to 53,100 in 2010/11, it said.

However, the county council said the figures gave the impression there was a much greater loss of jobs than was the case.

Those numbers took into account jobs outside the county, it said.

'Not far off'

Across the UK manufacturing industry, the figures went down from 3,546,100 in 2006/7 to 2,839,800 in 2010/11, the union said.

Senior organiser for the GMB in the Midlands, Keith Hodgkinson, said: "We are seeing figures getting back to where we were in 2008 at some major manufacturers.

"But sadly a lot of the jobs that have exported have gone out of the country forever because they're low value jobs."

Councillor Ben Adams, who is in charge of economic growth and enterprise for the county council, said: "When you look at jobs in Staffordshire, actual businesses in Staffordshire, we were not far off the national average, more like an 11% reduction.

"High technology jobs where the rest of the world is buying English innovation, English design - that's the future for Stoke and Staffordshire."

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